Secret Columbo Night

Screenings of selected episodes of Columbo!   columbo-played-by-peter-falk-playback-image-5

To be invited, email or make friends with Columbo Columbo on Facebook

Join us as we investigate some of Columbo’s finest hours, with good company, good food and a mysterious collection of liquors. Columbo ran from 1968 – 2003: dress for the year of the episode to compliment the murderous atmosphere. Expect questions, tying up loose ends and always the unexpected.

Next event: learly Sept 2014, Finsbury Park undercover cellar: this is the first time we’ve staged this event in a cellar, and, as Columbo always said, when someone does something for the first time, it is a reason to suspect.

Tickets: £5 (includes free drink)
Limited tickets available – email to book in advance or join the mailing list

Guest appearance by Mrs Columbo!

Just one more thing: anybody owning a Basset Hound will get a Secret Columbo surprise once brought to the premises.

Coming Soon! Make friends with Columbo Columbo on Facebook.


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