Scribble Pie

Show and Tell for the next generation                                                                           

Next Scribble pie: ETA November

Scribble Pie is an informal space for people to show work they have made or are in the process of making. It’s like a cross between a Show & Tell and a party.

This time we’ve been lucky enough to get the go ahead from Stoke Newington Church Street’s The Lion to hold this event on their premises. They want us! We want them! A match made in heaven.

You can expect snippets of: music, comedy, film, animation, performance, art, pies, drinks, dance, ping pong, hilarity ensuing and much much more!

Entry £5

If you would like to perform/show work please contact TD van der Beek  ( 07752 658 238)

To see work or artists previously shown at Scribble Pie, go to the ‘Scribble Pie’ category on the right hand side of the page


Previous events showcased: The premiere of Mikey Please’s BAFTA award winning short ‘The Eagleman Stag’



A capella singing arranged and composed by Verity Standen


Live comedy from Robin & Partridge


Animation from Kristian Andrews

Music from KHUSHI

Comedy from Paul Sweeney

Music and performance from Nadine Wild Palmer




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