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Episode 5, wow!


Lovers & Losers: part 1

Hit discontinued TV soap Lovers & Losers returns, not to your screens but to the airwaves, therefore minus all the pesky production costs. Episode 1 sees construction beginning on the flashy new supermarket in the village, to the dismay of the locals. Meanwhile, Darnell tries to fit in after moving from somewhere urban in America.


Wakey Wakey!

It’s not every day one of the world’s top rated artists in the world is inspired by your work, but that’s exactly what happened this month, when DJ and all-round sound guy Andrey Kiriliuk made his own radio advert for TV show Rise ‘n’ Shine! Listen here for a good time:

Rise ‘n’ Shine Podcast: New Year, New You

Emilia Crimble & Susan are at it again, bringing you hard fact mixed with soft feminine charm, in this Rise ‘n’ Shine New Year special. Want to know how Emilia stays trim and how Susan gets up in the morning? Then you’ll be wanting to hear this!

Starring – Emilia Crimble and Susan
Producer – Eliane Pigott
Media Content Producer – Andrey Kiriliuk
Unpaid Interns – Nadine Wild Palmer and Theodora van der Beek