The Egg

The Egg Song

Sometimes I break.
We all do.
Sometimes I get beaten and eaten and beaten and eaten and my heart it churns for you.
Sometimes I crack, crackedy crack de crack
Lying there on my back – backedy back de back
All I think about is how I could crack onto you.
Sometimes I fry,
I fry and I get eaten alive,
and I get eaten alive, and I’m burning inside for you.

All through the night,
I fight to break through the white.
Come out of my shell and to your delight,                                                                                           
Meet you.

Be my yoke,
Cos I could bear you,
Be my heart,
Cos I could beat with you,
Be my start,
And I would feed you
Be my love,
Because I need you,

So fly free and be one,
Fly free and be one.
Fly free and be

Another Egg Song

What came first?                                                                Image

I gave birth to the bird
& the bird gave birth to me
But before that
I gave birth to the bird
That in turn gave birth to me
& long ago the bird sowed the seed
From which I breed and feed and grow,
But if I hadn’t given birth to the bird
It would never have sowed the seed that it sowed.

& that bird hatched out of eternal generations of me:
I heard it told that I was older than the earth and older than the sea.

How did I hear?
A little birdy told me
Which little birdy?
The same little birdy that I gave birth to
& the one that gave birth to me.



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