Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition, Fundación Mapfre: Madrid

Madrid hosts the first international retrospective on the French designer in the Sala Recoletos, Mapfre Foundation (til 6th Jan).


Not enough people rate fashion as an art, but it would be hard to see this exhibition without admitting that it must be. Jean Paul Gaultier’s creations are spectacular and inspiring. Cleverly displayed with weird singing manikins that each WP_002315have a projected, moving face, they lend the garments a playful and twisted energy, that might be creepy if they weren’t so amazing. Beautiful, but not in an obvious or traditional way, like the mermaid with crutches encrust with jewels and trinkets, or his childhood teddybear to which he has added newspaper boobs and lipstick. I went once and immediately wanted to go again, which I did, twice. It was nice to see so many different types of people all enjoying it – one woman and her husband, who were around 65, turned to me as they passed. ‘Es increible!’ she said to me, a stranger. It was.

It’s also free! But go early on weekends to avoid queuing and big groups. You can also see another good exhibition, touring from the Pompidou centre. Ask for tickets for both from the ticket booth.


‘The exhibition comprises a selection of haute couture designs, extracts from catwalk shows, interviews, early designs, and snapshots taken by top photographers. This is a good example of how Gaultier has influenced artists of the stature of Warhol, Cindy Sherman and Mario Testino, through his bold and innovative ideas in the world of fashion.’

Useful information

DatesWP_002298WP_002690 (1)
From Oct 4, 2012 to Jan 6, 2013


From 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM

From Tuesday to Saturday

Does not close at midday
From 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Public holidays and Sundays

Does not close at midday
From 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Salas Recoletos. Salas de Exposiciones de Fundación Mapfre

Paseo de Recoletos 23

Madrid (Madrid)

Tel.: +34 915811628



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