Publicity campaign for the Rise ‘n’ Shine benefit gig on 14th December in Hanbury Hall. This intimate shoot saw Emilia Crimble and Susan giving their all to the camera.

The campaign drew on strategies from decades of M&S ads – simple, seductive and captivating: the personality of the subject is the hook that draws you in, persuading you to have that which you have not. In this case, a ticket to the show (of the year). And who could have more personality than this unstoppable duo?

Emilia’s classic white silk and pearls was a homage to timeless style icon Princess Margaret. ‘I believe simplicity is the key to fashion success – if you aren’t a horror to look at in the first place, that is!’ she joked, effortlessly. Susan, ever humble agreed. ‘Yes, I try not to wear anything to fancy or eye-catching. Even though I’m in the limelight I like to play it down…’ murmuring wistfully, ‘Beauty comes from within’ before wandering off to straighten a picture hanging slightly off-centre on the other side of the room.

The photographer and her team arrive and I hang back and watch them at work. Emilia Crimble is a consumate professional, you can just feel that everyone is awed in her presence. We break for ten, and I have a digestive biscuit and a glass of tepid water.

‘I love Christmas!’ Susan bounds into the room after a hearty cup of tea. ‘That’s why I’m so excited about my outfit today. It’s red and green, and those are the colours of Christmas!’ Emilia pats her hand affectionately. ‘Most people get sad or even literally SAD (Seasonal Affective Depression) when winter comes – I know I do! But Susan loves the cold nights. They make her feel warm inside – it sounds crazy, but that’s how it is.’ She rolls her eyes slightly and flashes a fleeting smile, showing obvious affection for her friend, but also letting me into her little world. I feel a million dollars: best day of my life.

To reserve your ticket email risenshinestudios@gmail.com, or visit the website at www.risenshinestudios.com.


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